Angel White Marble
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Angel White Marble

One of the quartz stone types, Angel White Marble is the whitest and strongest product of its class. It is preferred without creating spacious and large areas. Angel White Marble, which we can call a complete classic product, has a very elegant appearance. It is frequently preferred in small areas as it will create a sense of width in the applied areas. This marble type, which is very easy to maintain and use, can be used frequently in hygienic areas.

Angel White Marble Features and Usage Area

Angel White Marble, which is generally used on kitchen countertops and floors, can also be used on bathroom floors for those who prefer spacious areas. Requiring very little maintenance, this product is very durable and suitable for long use. Again, as with other marble varieties, it is necessary to choose experts or teams in cutting and assembly for waste and proper visuality.

Angel White Mermer Fiyat Bilgisi

Prices will vary according to size and thickness preferences. Our company, which serves with its quality products, has many marble types. You can contact our company for product and price information.