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Aqua Gray

Marble is a product that has been used for almost a thousand years. It is one of the most commonly used natural stones. It has been frequently used in building material, decoration and fine arts. Marble, which is long-lasting and never loses its fashion in every age, is a frequently preferred product today.

Aqua Gray, which is in the gray marble group, can be said to be a work of art on its own with its wavy patterns on its gray floor. It is a preferred product in many areas due to its strong visual richness. Aqua Gray can be used as a main decoration element or as a complementary intermediate element. This type of marble, which can also be used with lighter marbles, can be preferred in areas such as floor and wall-covering washbasin kitchen countertops.

Aqua Gray Product Price

A wide variety of marble options are available in our company along with Aqua Gray marble. Size, thickness and total order quantity will affect prices. For this reason, you can contact our company for more detailed product information and price information.