Atlas Black Marble
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Atlas Black Marble

It is one of the most preferred materials among marble decoration products with its stylish and rich appearance. The use of marble, which has many types, has been used since ancient times. It is formed as a result of recrystallization of marble, dolomicic and limestone materials by metamorphosis.

Marble Types

There are many types of marble. Different color varieties offer alternative options in decoration in accordance with the area of use. Atlas Black Marble is one of the preferred marble types with its very elegant appearance. As is known, marble is suitable for long use. It can also be used on bathroom walls and floors. However, due to its dark color, it is not recommended to be used as both flooring and covering in one place.

Marble Usage Area

Marble can be used in many areas. It can be used for stairs, even wall and floor coverings, kitchen countertops or for decorative purposes. Atlas Black Marble is mostly used as a coating or flooring material. Due to its dark color, it is preferred because it provides a rich appearance in flooring.

Due to its different texture, it provides a stylish look by using it with other complementary products in decoration. It is important that the application of the marble is carried out by experts or teams. Correct application must be made in terms of both visual and waste.

Along with the Atlas Black Marble variety, we have different colors and types of marble products in our company. You can contact our company for detailed information.