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Beige Marble

Beige marble is the most preferred type of marble in most of the buildings from the past to the present. The most important feature of beige marble and the reason why it is preferred is that it gives an aesthetic appearance to the structure it is used and adapts to the place used due to its nature and structure. There is a lot of beige marble in nature. Due to its simple color, it is widely used and preferred in terms of harmony with other colors. Turkey is also open quarried marble with beige color is dark beige and reputation. Although it has different varieties, it is the most preferred beige marble.

Beige Marble Types

Although there are different types of beige marbles, they are always found in every province. Beige marble in Bilecik province is the most durable and preferred color with its cream-colored variety. Bilecik beige marble has two types as cream and rosalia. While cream is preferred, it is the most durable marble with its beige color. Rosalia beige marble variety is mostly used in the construction of structures such as columns, sinks and basins.

As there are varieties within themselves, in some cases the name change from province to province and it also varies according to the provinces. Light beige marbles; It takes names such as Burdur, latte, ottoman, botticino. Cream beige marble varieties are; cappucino, cream, burnt and onyx beige marbles. Measuring and cutting layers are determined in accordance with the customer`s request and after the cutting process is made, they are delivered.

Beige Marble Features

It is a preferred type of marble with its high polishing ability, natural appearance and aesthetic structure. It is used for large quantities of exports and is suitable for use as it adapts easily in many areas. Being too much in nature is another advantage and feature. It is distinguished from other marble colors with its elegance and adapts to every environment. It is sold as blocks and slabs according to the customer`s request, cut according to the dimensions of the desired place and delivered ready-made.

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