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Bianco Calacatta

It is formed as a result of differentiation and recrystallization of marble, limestone and dolomatic limestones. The use of marble, which dates back to almost prehistoric times, is used as a building element, but is also frequently used in decoration and fine arts. Among the natural stones, one of the most frequently used is marble. Turkey is also a country rich in terms of marble. Turkey is also available in marble with its own brand value.

Bianco Calacatta Product Features

Bianco Calacatta marble extracted in Italy is in the white marble group. This marble type, which has been used for centuries, is one of the marble types frequently preferred by sculptors. It can form a unity for itself due to its diagonal gray waves on a plain white background, so it is also suitable for use in large spaces. It can also be used as kitchen countertops, bathroom floor and wall coverings.

Bianco Calacatta, which we can say that it is in the luxury marble group, is imported to our country. This long-lasting marble is a product for life with correct use and care. It is mostly used as polished. Bianco Calacatta can be supplied optionally honed. Honing is the process of making the surface of the marble matte or semi-dull by the processes made on the marble surface.

Bianco Calacatta Product Prices

You can get detailed product information by contacting our company, which provides service with our experienced staff along with our wide variety and quality marble products. Specifications such as order quantity, material thickness and size will cause changes in our prices. You can contact our company for price information.