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Bianco İbiza

Marble, whose first use dates back centuries, is one of the most used building and decoration products today. Bianco Ibiza marble is also one of the most preferred marble types. With its long-term use, marble is a fashionable product in all ages and gives spaces a spacious and rich appearance.

Bianco Ibiza Marble Properties and Usage Areas

Bianco Ibiza marble, which has a very elegant appearance with its gray and tones on white or black colour patterns, can be used as the main decoration product and is also preferred as a complementary decoration product. It is often used in bathroom floor and even wall coverings.

However, it is also possible to use it on other floors and kitchen countertops and sinks. It is frequently used in outdoor floors and stairs. Due to the visual elegance of the diagonal patterns on it, it is a type of marble preferred by interior designers in interior designs.

Bianco Ibiza marble type, which can also be used in decorative items, can be used as a concept with other decoration products with its light color. Making the cuts by experts determines the useful life of the marble.

Bianco Ibiza Marble Prices

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