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Bilecik Marble

Marble is one of the most widely used natural stones. Thanks to its quality, stylish stance and aesthetic structure, it is a type of stone that has a place in almost all kinds of decoration work. The usage areas of these marbles, which have many different models and types, show a wide variety. While purchasing these products, which offer an extremely wide scale in terms of color and quality, various factors should be considered.

Most important of all, the area of use must be taken into account when making a selection. Thanks to their durability, marble is among the most popular products. Marble varieties, which find a very wide place in the interior and exterior coatings of the buildings, have been the preferred product since ancient times.

What Are the Usage Areas of Marbles?

Usage areas of marbles are extremely wide. It is known that these marbles are used especially in decoration works. Marble is widely preferred in both architectural works and furniture production. Marble is widely used in the production of coffee table and table productions, kitchen countertops, chandeliers, ashtrays and ornaments such as trinkets.

It is a highly preferred product in the interior and exterior coatings of buildings in the architectural field. Especially for the stairs to look more elegant, marble is preferred in almost all kinds of buildings. It is among the basic products as an art material. Because they are durable, they are among the materials that are widely used, especially in the architecture of public living spaces.

What are the Properties of Marbles?

The properties of marbles are also quite high. These products primarily have color and pattern differences. This allows a color to be preferred in accordance with the desired work. They are products with a hard structure, so they are generally preferred in flooring.

The marbles, which are of extremely high quality in terms of abrasion, can serve the user in their area for many years. Pressure resistance and polish are among the most important features of these products. Marbles offer different alternatives in color. However, pure marble is generally white in color. During the purchase, both color and pattern are among the most considered features. If you wish, you can talk to our company about the purchase of marble.