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Black Marble

Black marble; It is one of the magnificent marble varieties used for stylish and modern designs with decorative features. Black marbles provide a visually different and impressive style in the areas where they are used. A striking beauty comes out when black marbles are combined with light colors. Black marbles can reflect their brightness, which makes the user appreciate.

Especially in kitchens, the flashy appearance of this brightness on the counter or floor covering is very interesting. Black color reflects its noble and modern appearance on marble. According to foreign countries, our country is a rich country in terms of black marble quarries. Black marble is exported to many countries. Black marble has features specific to the region where it is extracted. Black marble types by province are as follows; Akşehir, Alanya, Kütahya, Toros, Uludağ black marbles each have characteristics unique to the sage they are extracted from.

Properties of Black Marble

Many people love to use the color black in every aspect of their life. The modern appearance of the black color adds to the environment, making it highly preferred indoors and outdoors. The fact that the black color is very clear also highlights the vein lines in it. Many designers and architects reflect the nobility of black marble in their projects.

Marbles are very easy to clean and provide great convenience to people. In addition, marbles are long-lasting stones. In addition, black marble can be used with other marble groups. It must be purchased from a factory in order to avoid color tone differences between black marbles, which have a wide area of use.

Usage Areas of Black Marble

The marbles used in many places such as home, workplace, school, hospital, garden look both stylish and modern and make people`s lives easier. Black marble; It is used in many areas such as countertops, bathrooms, floors, sinks, ornamental products, graves. Black marble is produced in different sizes and sizes according to the area of use.

The marbles extracted from the quarries are processed in their factories. Marble varieties are produced in desired sizes in line with the demands of our customers. All of our products are high quality and durable products. We sell longer-lasting marbles at more affordable prices than the market. You can reach us for marble models with a wide range of products.