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Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble is in the white color group. However, the feature that distinguishes this marble from other marbles is that it has gray veins on the white ground. In addition, it is a high hardness and thick marble type. Although it is known as an Italian marble type, it is available in our country from this marble. When blended with other marble types, a very beautiful image emerges.

In addition to all these, prices are higher due to the fact that it is imported or it is less available than other marble types in our country. When you decide to use this marble for this, you should definitely get information from the marble company about the price. However, because it is a rare marble, it can attract your attention with its elegance.

Calacatta Marble Usage Areas

Calacatta marble can be used in flooring and flooring, facade and wall covering, stair steps, table and coffee table decoration, kitchen countertops, bathroom and toilet sinks. However, when the texture of calacatta marble is different and because of its scarcity, its price is higher than other marble types. For this reason, using it in smaller quantities will not strain your budget. For this reason, it will be more appropriate to use in less areas.

For example, it would be more appropriate to use kitchen countertops, bathroom and toilet sinks. Although its appearance is quite beautiful, it is a rare type of marble. It is generally imported. Therefore, it is very costly to use it in other application areas. For this, it will be more correct to choose for stylish designs.

Calacatta Marble Prices

Calacatta Marble prices differ. The area used for this is a decisive factor in price determination in which quantity range to be used. Generally, it is used more intensively in restricted areas due to its import. For example; It is preferred to be used in kitchen counters, bathroom and toilet sinks. It provides a very stylish appearance in application.

It is also used in interior decoration products such as tables and coffee tables. In this way, you can create very nice looking table and coffee table designs. The usage area of the marble is with experience. Our company provides the marble you need with its experience and experience in the sector. It reveals its quality and professional service by giving you enough information about the price.