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Claros Gray

It is one of the most important natural stones and the most widely used marble. It occurs as a result of exposure of limestone, which is formed as a result of marble metamorphic movements. Generally, the colors of the marbles are available in white and gray. However, it is possible to see different colors on marbles with the penetration of some foreign substances.

There are many uses of marbles and today there are many different types of marbles. Our company offers a service that sells these marbles. Claros Gray is a type of marble that attracts attention with its pleasant color tone used in many areas.

Claros Gray Usage Areas

Claros Gray marble has a wide range of uses. Due to the pleasant appearance of marble, it is preferred in sculpture and trinket making. It is also possible to see the use of this marble in interior and exterior decorations. As it can be used visually, it is possible to see the use of Claros Gray marble for decoration or image purposes in the exterior structures of the buildings.

Where to Get Claros Gray

The best marbles in the world are mined from countries such as Spain, France, Italy Belgium Uruguay. But the best of Claros Gray marble can be extracted from our country. By supplying this marble, our company has added this product, which is preferred in marble variety, to its list.