Cloudy Beige Marble
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Cloudy Beige Marble

Marbles are used in many buildings due to their solid structure and pleasant appearance. Especially in some areas, the use of marble is indispensable. It is possible to see the use of marble in homes, workplaces, hotels and many other areas. Marbles are both solidly made and preferred because of their many options.

Many different quarries provide services for marble extraction in many countries and in our country abroad. Cloudy Beige Marble is one of these models. The Turkish equivalent of cloudy beige marble is Cloudy Beige Marble.

Places of Use and Processing

Cloudy Beige Marble is preferred in many areas with its color transitions and pleasant appearance. The cloudy appearance of many shades of beige color has caused a different air shift to the usage areas of this marble. It has a wide colour selection range. It is very resistant to any situation such as cracks. It can always be at the same level as quality.

It is also possible that these marbles can be used in large blocks. Beige marble is mined in Fethiye region. Our company provides services for their processing and sales.