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Diana Royal

Many different marbles can be found in nature. These marbles are quarried in different regions. The marble extracted is processed by companies working to process it and presented to its usage areas. When both the colors and structures of the marbles are examined, you can see that they have a wide variety. One of these, Diana Royal, is mined especially in the Mediterranean Region.

This marble extracted in the Karaman Region of Burdur is especially known as a marble of that region. The usage areas of marble can be kept wide.

Usage areas

Diana Royal marble can be used in large areas. Wide size can be preferred for sizing. Due to the mobile nature of the marble, it is recommended not to be combined with another marble. For this reason, Diana Royal should be preferred as the main marble in the areas to be used. Otherwise, it cannot be compatible with other marbles due to its moving structure and a pleasant appearance may not appear.

Since Diana Royal marble has a very delicate color tone, it is very important to request this marble from a single quarry in the same project. Otherwise, it may cause some problems by causing a color mismatch problem. Our company supplies this marble from a single quarry and offers it to your use.