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Dream Gray

Marbles are one of the most used natural stones for decoration purposes and buildings. Limestone is exposed to some effects as a result of metamorphic movements. As a result of these effects, marbles emerge. Very beautiful marbles can be found in many countries such as Italy Spain Belgium Uruguay in the world.

It is a successful country in marble extraction as much as these countries listed in our country. The marbles processed in the quarries in some regions of our country attract attention with their wonderful images. We can call one of these marbles Dream Gray.


Dream Gray is a marble with a homogeneous structure. Since the structure of this marble is homogeneous and its interior is mobile, it is preferred to be used in narrow areas rather than large areas. It is possible to see the use of this marble for decorative purposes on kitchen countertops and small-area walls.

Dream Gray marble can be perfectly processed in the quarries around Bursa and sold in 2 cm slabs. It is seen that it can be sold as 3 cm slabs if requested. However, a 2-cm slab is deemed appropriate in order to exhibit a suitable use for the intended use and the structure of the marble. You can obtain this marble type from our company.