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Emperador Marble

Emperador marble, which has been used especially in interior designs in recent years, is among the modern and stylish marble varieties. Emperador offers ease of use and comfort in areas where marble is used. Specially produced in factories, the quality and durability of the marbles come to the fore. Emperador marble, which is generally used in brown tones, is a type of marble that is compatible with natural stones decorated with spider web veins.

Today, shades of gray are also used by many architects and designers. Due to its natural stone appearance, it is a type of marble sought by many designers. Marble quality is determined by the density of fine veins and homogeneity of their color.

Emperador marbles produced for many surface treatments are generally preferred for polished surface treatment. In addition, it is produced in brush decrement and sandblasted surface treatments. It is also used in many areas according to the wishes of the customers.

Emperador Marble Usage Areas

Emperador marble is used in many areas due to its stylish and modern appearance. It is a type of marble that attracts the attention of customers with its structure. It is preferred in areas such as hotels, hospitals and villas. It is also used in stairs, steps, tables, bathrooms and floors. It is a type of marble that is frequently used in the decoration of buildings.

Features of Emperador Marble

Emperador light marble, which has been produced for many years, is a variety of marble with a homogeneous structure with small vein entrances processed on a yellow background. It is among the marble varieties preferred by designers and architects because of its decorative and compatible with other decoration materials. Its homogeneous appearance and fine-grained structure give it a natural appearance.

Emperador light marble varieties, which are appreciated by people, add a modern and different atmosphere to the places where they are used. The point to be considered in emperador marbles is the fineness of the vein structure. It is long-lasting and durable and very easy to clean. It is a highly preferred product both domestically and abroad.

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