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Gothic Gray

Marbles are products that are used in many areas for decorative purposes and health. It is possible to see that marbles are formed as a result of some movements in nature. It is possible to see that many countries in the world such as Spain and Italy Belgium Uruguay produce beautiful Marbles due to their soil structures and stone structures.

In our country, there are quarries where marble is extracted and processed in different areas. One of the preferred among these Marbles is Gothic Gray marble.

Properties of Marble

Gothic Gray marble adds a warm and cozy look to the areas where it is used, unlike the cold state of the marble. Due to the air of marble that carries the traces of the past, if it is used with care in decorations, a different atmosphere can be added to the environment. It is possible to see the use of this marble especially in the floor coverings or wall parts in the spaces.

Due to its solid structure and wonderful transition in colours, it is possible to see the use of marble in places such as stairs. Our company sells gothic gray marble. It is also possible to see the use of this marble in combination with gothic gray and cream colours.