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Gray Marble

Limestone is formed over time due to metamorphic movements. This limestone forms the raw material of marble under the effect of heat and pressure. The general structure of marble, which is generally mineral calcite, consists of other minerals such as quartz, mica, clay minerals, graphite and iron oxides. The marbles, which consist of calcite crystals that are strongly combined with each other, are generally in white and gray color tones.

Due to different components, colors such as black, brown, bluish, red and pink are also available. There are deposits with marble reserves in many cities in our country and they are actively processed. The types of marble imported from abroad are used in many areas. Gray marbles are sold in slabs, blocks and layers.

Gray Marble Usage Areas

The rock type marbles are used in many areas. Due to its different color structures, it can be used for a wide range of decoration purposes. The usage areas of gray marbles are as follows:

  • In wet places such as WC, bathroom, kitchen, Turkish bath
  • In the interior and exterior insulation of buildings,
  • Lobby and entrances of places such as hotels, shopping malls for decoration purposes,
  • In elements of buildings such as stairs and steps
  • In outdoor landscapes,
  • Sculpture and graveyard sector,
  • In the production of ornaments for ornamental and aesthetic purposes,
  • In many areas of the construction industry (floor covering, fireplace, wet areas, coating of columns and beams as carrier elements)
  • It is used in places such as airports, subways, bus terminals, trade centers.

Gray Marble Features

Since gray marbles have an intermediate color tone, they are used in many places and areas. Its use continues to increase day by day. It is one of the most preferred marble types due to its many features. Its features are:

  • It is used for decorative purposes due to its feature of being an intermediate color.
  • A perfect combination can be created with dark colors.
  • They consist of homogeneous components and are resistant to external influences.
  • Its wonderful color and texture are among the reasons to be preferred.
  • They are hard and heat proof.
  • It fits perfectly between the floor and the kitchen counter in places such as the kitchen.

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