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Hermes Gray

Marbles are formed by the change of natural stones by exposure to some factors over time. Usage areas of marbles are quite wide. There are marble quarries operating in Turkey and the world in many different. Each of these enables the extraction and processing of different types of marble.

Hermes Gray marble is one of them. Our company is a company that processes and sells Hermes Gray marble. The country of origin of this marble is China. The product produced here are used actively in the field through use of the various operations in Turkey.

Usage areas

The usage areas of Hermes Gray marble are quite wide. We see that this marble is used especially in floor and wall coverings. It is more preferred in tile flooring. We see the use of hermes gray marble in many different places such as countertops and walls. Our company supplies marbles in all areas. It is also ensured that the necessary operations are carried out on the marbles that need to undergo certain processes.

By contacting our company, you can supply this marble which is suitable for every area. The magnificent hues of Hermes gray marble are used in many areas. When this marble combines its wonderful tones with its strength, it is seen that it is used very actively.