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Ice Gray

Marbles are preferred in many areas due to their durability and stylish appearance. It is possible to see many different types of marble. These marbles are preferred according to their usage areas, types and sizes. It is possible to see the use of marble in many areas such as interior flooring, decorations, counter tables.

The important thing here is to use marble according to the properties of the objects. One of the prominent among these marbles is Ice Gray marble. Since the Ice Gray marble feature has a striking color tone and a delicate structure, its usage areas should be selected accordingly.

Usage Areas and Country of Origin

Ice Gray marble is a type of marble generally extracted from China. The striking shades of this product are preferred on countertops, tables, waterfall islands and kitchen islands. In addition, it is possible to see the use of this marble in the reception tables of the hotel, in normal tables, in places such as make-up tables.

Ice Grey marble is preferred for its pleasant appearance and colors. Since the structure of this marble is not very strong, it is not preferred for flooring.