Kemalpasha White Marble
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Kemalpasha White Marble

Turkey is one of the important marble producing countries in the world. Marble resources are available in many cities. Among these provinces, Bursa, which is also an important marble resource and producers, is a reserve of world famous marbles. Kemalpasa White Marble type is also one of the famous marble types of Bursa city.

Kemalpasa White Marble Usage Area and Properties

White marble is one of the most used marble types for centuries. Kemalpasa White Marble is one of these highly preferred white marble types. With its distinctive gray patterns on its surface, it looks like a work of art on its own. This type of marble, which has a wide range of uses, can be used easily both outdoors and indoors. It can be easily used outdoors due to its hard structure.

It is generally preferred in large spaces due to its stylish and spacious appearance. This marble type, which is also famous in the world, is a frequently preferred product in large projects. This marble, which has different surface options in raw, hammered, aged forms, is mostly used as polished. It is a type of marble that can be used easily in both classical and modern spaces.

Kemalpasa Whıte Marble Price Information

Kemalpasa White Marble is sold in slabs and slabs in our company and can be cut in special order sizes. The product price varies according to the order size and thickness. You can contact our company for detailed product and price information. We meet your various marble demands with our expert staff.