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Latte Beige

Marbles are natural stones that have many different varieties in nature. Colors can be generally black, gray and beige. However, the colors of the marbles may differ due to some foreign substances mixed into them. Their features are also quite different from each other. The properties of marble used in places requiring durability and materials used for decorative purposes are completely different from each other.

When we choose marble, you must have decided that you will definitely use it. One of the marble types is Latte Beige marble. The color of this marble is between light brown and beige. It is possible to see this marble being used because it can add a different atmosphere to many areas.

Places of Use and Processing

The main place where Latte Beige marble is mined is China. After this marble is specially extracted from quarries, it is processed and offered for use in different companies. We provide the processing and sizing of Latte beige marble for the use of customers. Due to its solid structure, this marble is frequently preferred for columns, flooring, walls and facades.

The thickness can be adjusted according to the properties of the area to be used. Our company contributes to the construction of your decorations and buildings by providing reliable and quality service to you.