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Light Emperador

Emperador light marble is preferred by many natural stone applicators, architects and designers due to its structure and color. It has a structure that adapts very comfortably to any environment with its different structure and harmonious colors, with a pattern similar to golden yellow spider webs on a dark or light yellow background. Emperador light marble quality is determined by the density of fine veins on the surface and its homogeneity. While polishing process is generally preferred, other surface treatments can be applied depending on the usage areas. While the usage areas are determined according to the demands of the customers, it can be made suitable for use in the desired places.

Emperador Light Marble Natural Structure

Turkey is the most well known marble emperador marble appearance with light yellow vein on yellow background has a natural structure away homogeneous. It is put into production with high quantities while production is made in many factories with a yellow color tone on demand. Emperador light marble, which is especially extracted in Bursa and its borders, has a very aesthetic structure in terms of usage.

Emperador light marble, which has been produced from marble quarries that has been processed for many years, is now processed in the most productive parts. Turkey also known as the most well-known yellow eyes filled with marble and a preference for quality and structure.

Emperador Light Marble Usage Areas

Emperador light marble is suitable for use in many areas and places due to its structure and features. It is generally used in private structures such as hotels, business centers, private properties and villas. The second class marbles are offered for sale especially in the domestic market. Emperador light marble, which is used in many projects abroad, adds a sympathetic air to the environment and changes its atmosphere with the processing according to the place of use and the elegance of its vein structure. It can be sold as block, size and plate in our factory upon request. Special prices are determined for your use by cutting in accordance with the place and space you will use.

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