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Marmara Ecuador

Turkey is a very rich country in terms of marble deposits. Marble, which has been used for many years, is a frequently preferred product today. Decorative products can also be used due to the marble surface patterns that can be used on wet and dry floors.

Marmara Ecuador Marble Features

One of the most frequently used marble types in our country is Marmara Ecuador marble. Even in Turkey marble surfaces first come to mind are thin horizontal line pattern of these types of marble can say.

Marmara Ecuador Usage Area

Marmara Ecuador is suitable for healthy use due to the sulfur content in marble. Due to this feature, it is used in places with wet floors such as baths and bathrooms, and at the same time, it is used quite frequently in outdoor areas, especially in stair coverings.

Marmara Ecuador, which can provide spacious environments with its horizontal line and light color, is also available in light gray and white. Depending on the differences in the lines, there are also varieties such as Marmara rod or Marmara pajama.

This marble type, which can also be used on kitchen countertops, can also be used on items such as coffee tables or tables. As in general marble applications, Marmara Ecuador marble should be installed by an expert person or team.

It is known that marble cutting is as important as its production. Our company, which offers quality products with its expert staff, provides services to every budget with a wide range of marble. You can contact our company for product and price information.