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Maroon Marinace

Marbles are natural stones used in many areas. The formation phase of marbles is in interaction with some events in nature. There are marble quarries in different regions of our country. We know that there are marble quarries in different countries of the world. It is possible to see marble extracted mostly in countries such as Spain, Brazil, France, Italy and Uruguay.

Among the marbles, Maroon Marinace marble attracts attention with its striking colors, wonderful texture and durability. This marble is mined in the city of Kastamonu in our country. The unique colors of marble are preferred for use in many areas.

Usage areas

Maroon Marinace marble is used both indoors and outdoors. This marble is mined in 1.2.3 cm slabs. In order to use these marbles, they can be preferred in intermediate sizes. It is also possible to see the use of larger and smaller sizes of marble.

Maroon marinace marble is also used in very stylish hotels and places due to its wonderful structure. As a natural stone, it is possible to see its use as it can be in harmony with elegance. Our company provides services for the supply of this marble extracted from Kastamonu.