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Natilus Gray

As a result of the alteration of limestones due to some heating and cooling factors in nature, marbles are formed. Marbles are used in many areas due to their durability, bright images and elegance. It is possible to see the use of marble in interior decorations, exterior decorations and places that require durability.

We often see the use of marble in stair steps, home decorations, floor construction, and tile making. Although the marbles are generally black, gray, white, it is also possible to see marbles in different colors with the penetration of foreign substances. One of the most preferred marble types is Natilus Gray marble.

Usage areas

It is possible to see the wonderful forms of the marble in gray tones in Natilus Gray marble. The usage areas of this marble are quite wide. It is possible to see its magnificent tone in marble. The place where marble is mined and processed is Kastamonu Quarry. Our company also serves to supply the natilus Gray marble on each side of Turkey.

It is possible to use marble according to the features that need to be processed and arranged. It is possible to choose and see the use of this marble in different sizes according to the characteristics of the place to be used.