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Nero Marble

Marble has been used as flooring and covering material for centuries. It is also used as a decoration item with its different patterns and color diversity. Although it has a wide range of uses such as floor, wall, stairs, washbasin, kitchen counter, it can be used both as a table, a coffee table and for decoration purposes. Marble, which can be used on wet and dry ground, is a material suitable for very long-term use.

Marble Types

Marble, which has many different patterns and colors, is preferred especially with its texture and patterns. Although many economical equivalent materials have been produced with the developing technology, marble is a more durable material than many other materials in terms of usage time. Nero marble is also one of the marble varieties. It can be used alone with the patterns on it or can be used as a complementary decoration element.

Nero Marble Usage Area

The usage area of marble is quite high. It can be used on all wet floors. It gives a stylish look. Nero marble gives a rich look to the space used with different color options. Nero marble is a product with a wide range of options in color and pattern.

Marquina and Picasso marble can be counted among these. They can be used on the kitchen counter or floor. Our company has a wide variety of marble products. Different price options are available according to the preferred product. You can contact our company for product information and price information.