Olive Avangarde Marble
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Olive Avangarde Marble

Marble, which is widely used such as wet or dry floor, is also an indispensable part of decoration. Marble is formed by metamorphosis and recrystallization of dolomitic and limestones. It is a durable material and its usage dates back to ancient times. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors, such as stairs, balconies and coatings.

Olive Avangarde Marble Features

Olive Avangarde Marble, which is also named after the olive color, is a durable and suitable material for long use. Block or plate types are also available, as well as cutting in preferred sizes. It can also be used as a decoration product on its own with its light color patterns on the dark ground color. It is recommended that the application be made by experts or teams.

Olive Avangarde Marble Usage Area

Olive Avangarde Marble can be used on wet and dry floors. It has a rich and classic look due to its dark color. It can be preferred in meeting rooms in workplaces or can be used in homes.

It is recommended to be used indoors due to its low degree of hardness. It is also preferred in the lobby and entrance halls of the hotels due to its rich appearance. It can be used as a main element or as a complementary decoration element with lighter marbles.

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