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Olive Maron

It is a type of marble also known as olive marone. Usually sourced from Bursa olive maron marble quarries. It is preferred indoors rather than outdoors as its hardness is less than other marble types.

It is especially used in stairs. In addition, it is used more in wet areas such as wall coverings, toilets and bathrooms. However, it is preferred in other areas with customer demand. The market is mostly used under the name of olive maron. In addition, this marble type is the most exported marble type with its color and structure. It can be found in the market at very affordable prices.

Olive Maron Marble Usage Areas

Due to its low hardness, Olive Maron is not suitable for outdoor use. However, it can be used in garden flooring according to customer request. Very stylish and bright looks can be given by processing. It can be a beautiful decoration product in your homes or workplaces, especially with the aging method.

In addition to all these, it can also be preferred for facade cladding. It has a dark color. For this reason, very beautiful images can be obtained by blending with light colors. It has a more fragile structure compared to other marbles. It can also be used in hotels because of its bright and vibrant colors. It can attract everyone`s attention with a unique look. As you can see, Olive Maron can be used in indoor decorations, garden decorations, kitchens, workplaces or hotels.

General Information About Olive Maron

Olive maronas, also known as olive marone marbles, attract attention with their affordable prices. There are quite a few in Bursa olive maron marble quarries. Although it is used for the floor, it may not be suitable. In addition to these, it is a remarkable type of marble. For this, it is preferred in many buildings and interior decorations.

It is among the most preferred marble types with its bright structure and striking color. In addition to having many marble types and colors in our company, olive marone is among our product range. You can get detailed information about our products by contacting our company and visiting us.