Picasso Cross Cut Marble
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Picasso Cross Cut Marble

Marble, which has a large number of varieties with different color and pattern options, has been used indoors and outdoors for centuries. It is a product preferred by everyone who makes permanent solutions with its long usage time. Marble, which is like a work of art, with the born patterns on its surface, is also a frequently used main decoration or a complementary decoration product. Picasso Cross Cut Marble is also one of the most preferred marble types.

What is Cross Cut?

This cutting application, also known as American cut, is mostly used in travertine materials. It is the view obtained when the cut is made on the axis opposite to the waterways on the natural stone material. Picasso Cross Cut Marble is a material produced in this way.

Picasso Cross Cut Marble Features

Picasso Cross Cut Marble is a highly preferred product with its light or dark color options. It has a very stylish appearance due to its surface patterns. It can be used indoors and outdoors as well as suitable for wet or dry use. You can contact our company for type and price information.