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Quantum Beige

Marbles are formed by the differentiation of limestones found in nature due to hot and cold effects as a result of metamorphosis events. After these marbles were discovered, they started to be used in many areas. In our country and in all parts of the world, marbles are used for decorative purposes or for different purposes in buildings.

The types of marbles are quite wide. It is possible to see marble quarried in countries such as Spain, Italy and France in the world. It has a wide range of services in marble extraction in China. There are marble quarries in different cities in our country. One of the prominent types of marble is Quantum Beige marble.


Quantum Beige marble features are also very good. This marble is frequently used in different areas due to its color variety and structural features. With the choice of marble, it is possible to add a different atmosphere to indoor and outdoor spaces.

In addition, it looks very nice in the areas where it is made due to the temperature in the natural structure of marble. In addition, the solid structure of marble causes it to be preferred for use in many areas. Our company performs the processing and sales of Quantum Beige marble.