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Sky Gray Marble

The usage area of the marbles is quite wide. It is possible to see the use of marble on kitchen countertops and stair steps. Apart from this, the use of marble in floor coverings is also quite intense. In addition, the use of marble for wall tiles and decoration is very common. The fact that the usage area of marbles is so intense is due to both their stylish appearance and their durability.

Different types of marble are mined in different areas of the world and in our country. These marbles extracted are processed by companies after quarries and offered for use. Sky Gray marble is also one of the most commonly used marbles.

Properties and Usage Areas

The usage areas of Sky Gray marble are quite wide. Because of this marble structure, it is possible to see Roman, Ottoman Greek influences in the environments where it is used. Because these countries, which are generally mentioned, have often preferred this marble in their architecture.

It has been used actively in the past and today due to the pleasantness in its colors and the durability of its use. Gray Sky country where the marble is removed from Turkey. It provides service for its process, sizing. You can get service by contacting us about the use of marble in the sizes you want.