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Tundra Gray

Marbles are a kind of stone that has existed for many years. Turkey has rich reserves of marble while. The most important of these are in Afyon and Marmara Region. Although the marbles are in different colors, they generally have the same structure. In addition, its usage areas are quite wide.

It can be used on floors, stair treads, countertops, bathroom stones, toilet stones and walls. Tundra gray is among the most preferred colors for floors. Gray color is the most preferred color on floors. It can also add a difference to the floor with different flooring styles. The professionalism of marble companies arises in the cutting, processing and shaping processes of marbles.

Marble Types and Colour Preference

Marbles are used in many areas. It is a natural stone used both in buildings and in art. In addition, even the Artemis Temples known in history were made of marble. As can be seen, the usage area of marbles is quite wide, but besides all these, marbles have been found since quite ancient times.

Since the most marble types are found in Afyon, marble names can also take the names of this city. For example; Like Opium White, Opium Gray, Afyon Tiger Hide. However, marbles are not only mined in the Afyon region. Although quite lucky in this regard in Turkey marble is extracted in many regions together. Because it is a kind of stone, it is among the materials that are very durable and used for many years.

Usage Area and Choice of Marble

As we mentioned earlier, there are many types of marble. In addition to all these, the usage area of marbles is quite wide. It can be used in sculpting, interior architecture, design or construction. When choosing marble, which colour you prefer depends on which area you will use the marble. For example, beige colors harmonize with many areas of the buildings, while tundra gray is more preferred on floors or stair steps. The reason for this is that the pollution of the floor is not so obvious.

As can be seen, the color preference of the marble is very important according to the usage area. Although our company has a wide range of products, it works with an experienced team in this sector. Therefore, it can help you to use which color in which area.