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White Dolomite

Excavated in the Marmara region extracted White Dolomite marble is considered as one of Turkey`s most precious natural stone. This marble type, which is used in the domestic market, is also exported.

White Dolomite Marble Properties and Usage Areas

This marble type is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is among the valuable marbles due to its high magnesium content. Therefore, it can be considered in the high-priced marble group. However, White Dolomite marble is still a preferred product thanks to its long life and elegant appearance. It can be used in floor and wall covering, as well as in large spaces with its bright white appearance.

Other uses include fountains, monuments, and even landscape applications. White Dolomite is one of the marble types preferred for special decorative interior applications such as fireplaces and columns.

White Dolomite Marble Prices

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