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White Fantasy

Turkey, produces the most preferred products in the world with rich marble quarries. It is possible to export abroad as well as in the country. The use of marble dates back centuries. The marble products used in large columns, monuments and statues have been preserved until today due to their longevity. White Fantasy marble is also a type of marble that can be used both in decoration and art.

White Fantasy Product Features and Usage Areas

White Fantasy, which is in the white marble group, is a marble type that can be used easily on wet and dry floors. It is also used in making sculptures with its light gray texture on a smooth white background. Creating a sense of spaciousness and spaciousness in spaces, White Fantasy marble is a product frequently used by interior designers. White marble can be used in both classical and contemporary buildings.

White Fantasy Product Price

A wide variety of marble options, including White Fantasy marble, are available in our company. Our prices will vary in size, thickness and total order quantity. You can contact our company for more detailed product and price information.