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White Marble

White color is a color that gives freshness and energy to all environments. Many architects and designers use the soothing beauty of white in their projects. White marble is the most preferred type of marble, especially in recent years. It is both ease of use and an all-time favorite color and a color that never goes out of fashion. White marble has made it the most preferred marble by designers and users with its natural appearance and ability to reflect light. White marble can be used easily with all other marble colors.

Especially in recent years, white marbles have been used in home decorations. The use of white marble has increased because it adds freshness to the home and is easy to clean. The most important thing to consider when buying marble is the area to be used. The color and size of the marble must be suitable for the area to be used. You should cut according to the square meter of the area you will use.

You should choose natural marble stones to get a stylish and modern look. When buying marble, you should choose high quality and reliable companies. Poor quality marbles break and wear in a short time. In addition, the workmanship must be done beautifully and carefully. In order to use marbles for many years, attention should be paid to the specified points.

Usage Areas of White Marble

Usage areas of white marble types are as follows:

  • On the floor of buildings,
  • In the furniture industry,
  • In areas such as natural stone marble, palaces, mosques,
  • In wet places such as countertops, bathrooms, floors, showers,
  • In elements of buildings such as stairs and steps,
  • In exterior decoration,
  • Lobbies of hotels, shopping mall entrances,
  • In grave making, sculpture industry
  • It is used in many areas, including jewelry and ornaments.

Properties of White Marble

  • The white marbles used in the furniture add a modern look to the environments.
  • White mosaic marbles add a natural and aesthetic appearance to kitchen countertops and bathroom floors.
  • Due to its soft structure, it is also used by sculptors and craftsmen.
  • White marbles provide easy cleaning, stylish appearance and make the areas appear wider.
  • It is durable and reflects light.

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